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The Little Red Car
This is a story of a little red car.

Imagine your business is a little red car. The fuel tank is full of cash and the engine has four pistons called marketing, sales, operations and finance.

Now when all the pistons are firing together and the tank is full of cash, your little car is travelling at 70mph in the fast lane to your destination. In my book, this is financial freedom.

If one piston misfires, your little car slows down and ends up in the slow lane.

If two pistons misfire, your little car ends up on the hard shoulder calling for help.

And if your little car runs out of fuel, you need to find a cash station asap!

Which lane is your little red car in?
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So where can we find your little car?

A) The fast lane
B) The slow lane
C) The hard shoulder
D) The cash station

Building your business engine will put you in the fast lane. If you're already there, well done!
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