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The 5 Step Challenge 
I can only support you if I understand your business and you are prepared to make things happen. This challenge is a test to see if you are really ready to make money. I can give you the Knowledge and Focus but only if you are willing to take action.
  •  Step 1 - If your answer is Yes to the question above go to Step 2.
  •  Step 2 - Watch the video below, down load the spreadsheet and complete it to your best ability.
  •  Step 3 - Email the completed spreadsheet to
  •  Step 4 - Watch the strategy call video.
  •  Step 5 - You can book the strategy call before you send the spreadsheet. On the call, I may ask more questions to understand your business, talk about any constraints we need to deal with. Then we will talk about your capacity to see how we can improve your revenue.
This is all part of the complementary program. I want you to make some money to invest in the FULL program.
Plan To Win
Learn About The Strategy Call
How To Do It
Download the file. The file has instructions included, but it will help if you watch the video.

The video is part two of the business planning lesson. 

You can watch part one and the rest of the lesson when you upgrade to the FULL program one day.

If you get stuck or you don't like numbers and need some support feel free to Text me on: 
07896 246 224

Alternatively book the strategy call and we can talk about your numbers on the call.
This is a Win-Win strategy, you make some money and invest in the FULL program. I have a motivated client wanting to go to the next level.
Email the completed spreadsheet to
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