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Learn About Business
Learn How To Succeed in Business
We all start off a business knowing a lot about our trade or profession, but very little about business and marketing.

When I grew my first business, I wanted to know everything about business yesterday.

Business Upgrade is a resource where you can learn any key business subject and implement it tomorrow.
  •  Leadership - Your why and your FOCUS
  •  Business Planning - Plan to win BIG
  •  Marketing Strategy - Take the advantage - Generate Leads
  •  Processes and Systems - Automate to free up your time
  •  Winning Teams - Your team will look after your business - your business will look after you.
  •  Finance - Knowing your numbers
  •  Marketing Communication - Sell more to more customers and make more money
  •  Sales - Conversion is the game you have to win
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What's Inside?
  • 4 Videos on how to build a money-making machine, including the e-book.
  • 3 Videos on Business Psychology - winning the mind game.
  • Module 1 - Leadership - 7 Foundation lessons to give you direction and FOCUS.
  • The Marketing Multiplier Tool and 270 Marketing Ideas. This tool is your ticket to making fast money. It's a golden nugget!
  • Your only investment is your time. It's our way to show you how to get started and to make profit.
  • What have you got to lose and more importantly what have you got to gain? - Go for it!

Our mission is simple, we want you to make about money using the knowledge within the program and then invest some of it to upgrade to one on one coaching. Making your self development self-financing. It's a Win-Win

About The Authors
The Business Upgrade program was written by David Hilton and Bob Evans.

Bob Evans

Bob is an ex CEO and business owner of a successful construction company. He grew it from nothing to a multi-million pound business. Bob retired early and has been coaching business owners for the past twelve years in the UK. He met David via a business friend and flew to Boston in 2008. The program was written over a two year period.

Bob and David stay in touch to share best practice.

David Hilton

For more than 10 years David was a Senior E-Myth Coach (Michael Gerber’s E-Myth Revisited); he has taught Dale Carnegie’s Management Program and was an Independent Business Advisor with Glazer-Kennedy’s Insider’s Circle.

David also practices what he preaches, as president of a profitable manufacturing /sales / retail company which he recently successfully sold. In that role he grew and managed multiple locations and recruited, hired and trained over 500 people. He has developed this company to thrive without his day to day involvement.
What Others Say

Bryan Adams - PH Creative

Bob Evans has helped me accelerate the growth of my business by a factor of 10. He is, at times, more interested and driven about my business than me and I couldn't have gotten where I am today without his expertise, input and commitment to delivering my success with me.

Bob is a man of high integrity. He does what he says he will and offers a voice of experience, reason, support. and sometimes a little tough love.

I've enjoyed being challenged, encouraged to grow as a leader. 

Thanks to Bobs assistance I'm not far away from achieving my dream, and I can see the path ahead.

If you can't see the wood for the trees, if you've reached a plateau and can't seem to grow past it or if you simply want to improve your business ability in certain areas I would recommend simply talking to Bob and then judging for yourself - You won't regret it.

Sarah Reay - Construction Marketing

Bob is a true inspiration to work with, his level of expertise and knowledge of business is second to none. And you can access it any time using the business upgrade program. I train my staff with it.

He has an amazing ability to cut through the clutter, giving you the focus you need to reach your personal and business goals. 

Since i've been working with Bob my turnover has doubled. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Alan Robson - Innov8

I have worked with Bob over the last 3 years to assist me with the rapid growth of Innov8 Safety Solutions. More recently Bob has been working with me and the Innov8 team to implement management systems & processes. 

I would recommend Bob to businesses looking to improve their lead generation and build a structured and solid business.

Jenny Esau - The Credit Management Group

Bob has helped me look at my business strategy and grow my business. I keep going back to Bob time and again to help my move my business to the next level.

I would recommend Bob to any business if they want to see real growth.

Simon Albert - The PC Support Group

Bob is results driven and an asset to our business. We derive value far in excess of what we pay, recognising a clear return for our investment. 

I refer to the Business Upgrade lessons regularly and use them train my team. As Bob will tell you, look after the team, the team looks after your business, your business looks after you.

I recommend Bob to any entrepreneurial business owner who is striving to reach stretch goals. 
Why Business Upgrade?
Because we want you to know what we know. When you do, you will make lots of money.
What Is Business Upgrade?
Business Upgrade is a coaching framework that contains over 70 business lessons where you can binge-learn any business subject.
Self-Financing Business Growth?
Our mission is simple, we want you to make about £3,600 using this knowledge and invest one third of it to upgrade to the FULL version.

It's our way to help you self-finance your high quality business coach.
What's Included in the FULL Version?
The FULL version opens up all the modules to give you everything you need to grow your business. 

It also includes four coaching sessions with an experienced business coach - someone who has built and sold businesses. 

We want to keep you focused on making money.
How Does it Work?
You go into the Business Upgrade program and work your way through the modules and lessons, implementing them in your business.  
Does it Work?
In a word, YES, if you learn and implement as we suggest. And you'll get further, faster, if you take advice from your business coach - someone who has been successful in your sector.

85% of business owners are not making the money they could due to distraction. A business coach will keep you on track and FOCUSED. 
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